REPORT: Paris Jackson Heading To Residential Treatment

Paris Jackson skeletonMichael Jackson’s daughter Paris is being sent to a group home following her suicide attempt last month.

This according to The Sun, who are often wrong and tend to falsify information. I have unique insight on what will happen if she does end up going to the Dr. Drew-recommended residential treatment center Diamond Ranch Academy, in Utah.

I spent over a year in such a place when I was a teen just guzzling stolen alcohol and running away from my super nice home and super nice mother for no apparent reason.

Here’s what goes on:

  • Find 7 grey hairs in your Mexican casserole from careless cafeteria workers / try not to puke because they’ll think you have an eating disorder.
  • Run away for a few days and realize sleeping in trees and stealing foundation from Kmart is boring.
  • HATE half the staff with a fiery passion, idolize and befriend others (especially the intern types who swear and listen to good music because they aren’t that much older than you), forget the rest.
  • Meet other crazies who become your lifelong friends.

  • Realize, not by therapy, but by looking at the people around you that your problems just aren’t that serious. (Because you’re not a freaking foster kid with schizophrenia.)
  • Have trouble re-adjusting to life at home after leaving the place you never wanted to go. (Like prisoners and war veterans, you miss the comradery and structure.)

Granted, the place she’s going to looks way snazzier than the haunted farm with extra high fences that I was at, and definitely a thousand times better than my actual high school.

I also highly doubt she’ll be able to stay there for the recommended 8-12 months because she’s a famous kid whose own relatives have holier-than-thou rule-breaking syndrome.

4 thoughts on “REPORT: Paris Jackson Heading To Residential Treatment

  1. Google Diamond Ranch Academy, I know their marketing is savvy but you will quickly find reports of child abuse; the owner and his adult sons (Rob, Robbie & Ricky Dias) are named as participating in the abuse.

    Your experience (sadly) sounds typical of kids who get caught into the “Troubled Teen Industry”; thank you for speaking out and creating awareness so other kids don’t go through what you did.


    1. There were allegations of abuse at the facility I was sent to as well…

      It’s far too common and far too deep to completely weed out, which is why parents should really think twice before they send their kids to group homes.

      Sadly, the children involved are often out-of-control beyond the point of their guardians having a clue what to do. I’m not faulting anyone here besides the soulless monsters that take advantage of vulnerable youths and get off on putting them in bruising police-style holds just because they don’t “comply.”


    2. Make sure you aren’t making blind claims. I’ve looked this one up and haven’t been able to find anything besides anonymous allegations. On the contrary, their facebook page seems to have endless comments of former students and parents who have nothing but the best to say about their experience.

      You would think that with as many claims of abuse there would at least be some lawsuits, or even renaming of the school to dissociate themselves with the negative press. I have found neither. The only things I can find seem to indicate this is a top notch facility.
      I mean, what kind of business spends this type of money on marketing, activities, staff, facilities, etc. and then goes and throws it all away by abusing their clients?? I’m not saying it doesn’t exist in the industry, but historically those facilities get closed down and you can kind of tell just by looking at them.


      1. Are you being paid by Diamond Ranch Academy? DRA carefully controls their facebook page to only put out a positive message. Try digging just a little deeper, there are several facebook groups where kids talk about what it’s really like there, here’s one:

        That’s blatantly untrue that abusive facilities get shut down, even when kids are killed no one is held responsible. Utah, where DRA is located, is particularly lax on enforcing laws to protect children in facilities.

        Lawsuits are often sealed due to HIPPA requirements; there is also a very short window in the statute of limitations for an abuse claim to be made. Kids are still recovering from the abuse and by the time they are ready, the statute has expired.

        Abusing kids is a very cheap way to control children. DRA often uses hired kidnappers that show up in a kid’s bedroom in the middle of the night to bring them to the facility; kids say they have nightmares about it for years. At the very least, that’s abusive in my opinion.

        Whether or not abuse is occurring, there is no evidence long-term residential treatment helps children. The Surgeon General doesn’t recommend it; neither does the APA and the FTC has issued a warning. DRA is making millions off a “treatment” that has no medical benefit.


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