Johnny Depp’s Inspiration for Tonto Was an Old, Nicotine-Addicted Woman?

Johnny Depp tontoBasing a character off Keith Richards in Pirates may have worked wonders for Johnny Depp, but it seems that even using his great, potentially Native grandmother as the inspiration for The Lone Ranger couldn’t save it from an epic box office fail. (At $29.2M, it made slightly less than the abysmal John Carter.)

“I saw my great grandmother [as the model for Tonto]. She did apparently have quite a bit of Indian blood,” Depp told Wenn. “She wore the braids and had the tobacco down her bosom. That was the idea, to sculpt me into my great grandmother. The make-up technician just killed it.”

Derp. I have a little Swedish in me and I never auditioned against Noomi Rapace for the role of Lisbeth Salander not only because I’m not an actress but because that would be retarded… 

Almost as retarded as Johnny Depp playing a full-blown Comanche Indian with a dead crow on his head.

(For the record I’m still more offended by his performance in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.)

What do you think?

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