Let’s Compare ‘Lovelace’ and ‘The Canyons’

Lovelace posterThe Canyons poster
Trailers for Lovelace and The Canyons hit the net at around the same time so I figured instead of boring you with individual coverage, I’d lump these two train wrecks into one super post.

Lovelace stars Amanda Seyfried, the girl who’s career blew up after playing an exceptionally stupid member of the Plastics in Mean Girls. (Tumblr never stops worshipping that character.)

While both movies are sort of about porn, Lovelace is actually about the industry and blowjob screen legend Linda Lovelace, a role that Lindsay Lohan was originally meant to play. 

The Canyons, advertised as an erotic thriller about “youth, glamour, sex, and surveillance” actually starring Lindsay (opposite real-life porn star James Deen), is the one to avoid here.

Lovelace may be a one-way ticket to dildoville, but at least you get to see James Franco (Deen’s idol) as Hugh Hefner plus cutie patootie Adam Brody and scary ass Peter Sarsgaard as Linda’s seedy husband.

It all comes down to preference. Lindsay blowing and twisting dicks to dubstep in front of a cell phone or Amanda blowing to The Jackson 5 in Super 16 mm?

What do you think?

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