‘Big Brother’ Viewers and the Rest of America Should Never Be Surprised by Racism

BREAKING NEWS: There are racist people in the world! So racist in fact that they would spew their crazy hatred and unfunny stereotype-themed jokes all over television and other public outlets because they literally don’t see anything wrong with it.

Recently we’ve witnessed varying degrees of this with Paula Deen, Big Brother contestants Aaryn Gries and GinaMarie Zimmerman and the news program KTVU, who stupidly reported the names of Asiana flight 214’s pilots as “Ho Lee Fuk” and “Bang Ding Ow.”

I’m not saying that it’s not a big deal, or that these people don’t deserve to be reprimanded, but being surprised that racism exists in 2013 is a whole other kind of ignorance. 

It’s awesome that you surround yourself with non-racist folk who don’t see color, but you’re living in a fantasy. Pretending it doesn’t happen is not as stupid as actual racism, but it’s still pretty f*cking stupid.

When the women of The Talk (including Big Brother host Julie Chen) discussed comments made by Gries and Zimmerman, the majority of them acted like they’d just been shocked by three million volts.

Sharon Osbourne explained that it was only unsurprising for slightly elder members of her generation to make jokes about serving rice and “n*gger insurance.”

“It’s terrifying to think that a 22-year-old who’s obviously at college … it’s frightening. It’s really really frightening and she must have a lot of problems,” Osbourne told the audience.
the help I made you a special pie
Hell yeah she has a problem. She’s racist. It’s not like childhood trauma or mental issues like bipolar disorder cause racism. It’s parents from the other generation sh*tting their horribly doomed offspring into this generation. It’s hard to argue that it’s no one’s fault, because it’s almost everyone’s fault…

Her, her parents, society, 1619 slavers, Southerners who reenact the Civil War as if their side won, the internet (message boards, Twitter, Xbox Live), whatever.

How delusional and optimistic are you to think that racism can be abolished completely?

That’s like believing there will be no more wars or death and archaeologists will discover unicorn bones in Canada and the Democrats and Republicans will live in a treehouse singing Kumbaya with Tina Turner drag queens until the end of time. Wake up, white people.

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