Dave Matthews Pulls Classic Dave Move, Hitchhikes to Own Show

Dave Matthews hitchikerDave Matthews was out for a quick pre-show bike ride outside Hershey, PA on Saturday when he suffered a flat tire and didn’t have a cell phone to call for help.

Stranded on the side of the road, he was picked up by Emily Kraus and her boyfriend (who is apparently either nameless, or completely unimportant to every news outlet in existence).

But Kraus and Boyfriend aren’t just random locals who happened to drive by, they’re huge Dave Matthews fans who were en route to the same show he almost missed because he wanted to “be out in nature” and “disconnect from technology” and other Dave Matthews-ish stuff.

So he hopped in the car (on which bike racks had coincidentally just been installed) and the couple drove him right to his own show. He obviously didn’t get a chance to shower beforehand, but that’s probably nothing out of the ordinary. 

On the way, they chatted about really interesting stuff, like Dave’s kids’ summer camp schedules (not kidding).

Of course a guy like Dave will always return the favor, and he did so by offering the couple dinner backstage and front-row tickets. Dave also told the story during the show, during which Kraus said her cheeks hurt from smiling, giggling, and laughing all night long (I know, I always get really high before Dave concerts too). And to top it off, Dave thanked Kraus by sneakily signing her concert tickets with a note: “Thanks for the ride.”

Talk about lucky, both for Dave and the good samaritans who picked him up. My friends back in my home state of Colorado are probably all insanely jealous. Dave Matthews is God to those people.

Hell, I’m jealous too. Dave’s the man! And I’m glad to know he treats his awesome fans so well.

What do you think?

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