Sugar Ray Debuts New Song at Under the Sun Tour

Mark+McGrath+sunglasses 2013Remember Sugar Ray? Remember how fucking rad they were?

Yeah, so do I. That’s why when I heard about this tour, which rolled through the Greek Theater in Los Angeles this past Saturday, I immediately purchased tickets. Because those bands are all insanely awesome, and my 1999 self wanted to see them all live. Each one of them put on a phenomenal, nostalgia-inducing performance. Including Sugar Ray, once they got past their opening song.

It’s called “Summertime’s Coming” and it’s brand new off their upcoming album, about which I would provide details, but can’t because the band doesn’t really seem to know anything about it.

The song has only been performed a couple of times, so it’s difficult to find. But a clip from this live show in Indonesia does a decent job of showcasing the it. I’ll just wait here while you listen.

Done? Bad right?! I mean those lyrics…what the hell is Sugar Ray doing? 

Frontman Mark McGrath had this to say during an interview with Billboard:

“What we do best is write those summer songs, a little hint of reggae with a hip-hop backbeat…We don’t have a record deal, and nobody’s waiting for a new Sugar Ray record. But when we’re ready and feel it’s worthy of release we’ll do that on our website and give it away for free. For a band that’s sold 10 million records to say ‘give it away for free’ is almost blasphemous, but we’re trying to be realistic. Definitely look for something by the end of the year on our web site.”

Damn, they’re so cool. Now I feel bad for shitting on the song. But I’m sorry. The song is bad.

All jokes aside, at least they’re being fair about how they distribute their music. They know their place, and aren’t getting too cocky by attempting a mass-release, cash cow of an album or staging some ridiculous comeback. These guys just love making and performing music, and want the world to hear it. Shit, if they give an album out for free, I’ll give it a listen. Especially when it’s a band I respect as much as Sugar Ray.

Being that this post has been a bit Sugar Ray-centric, I’ll give a shoutout to the other bands. Fastball opened for the evening playing a short but awesome set pretty much consisting of the two songs they’re famous for, and a couple others. Vertical Horizon and Gin Blossoms each played for a bit longer, throwing out hit after hit and revving up the crowd for the main acts – Sugar Ray and Smash Mouth, the latter of which closed out the night with “All Star” amidst a crowd of drunk, rambunctious 90s kids.

If the tour rolls through your hood, I highly recommend getting tickets. Your childhood will thank you

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