Justin Bieber’s Mom is Truly Always Watching Him

Justin Bieber eye tattoo Justin Bieber just got a tattoo of his mom’s eye on his inner elbow because even though they probably don’t talk that much and it won’t keep him from spitting on people and turning yellow buckets yellow-er, he technically loves her because she’s responsible for his fame and owns his soul forever.

And it’s actually the best tattoo on his gross gangly body.

I guess he’s moving towards looking more like the perfect combination of fully-tatted Rob Van Winkle of today and circa 1990 “Ice Ice Baby” flat-top Vanilla/brunette Dolph Lundgren.

Speaking of people named Rob, Justin’s message on Instagram, “Moms always watching,” really reminds me of when Rob Kardashian said that it’s weird having Kris Jenner’s face on his right arm because that’s the one he employs solely for whacking and taking handouts from his sisters. 

Poor Pattie Mallette. She’s constantly being hounded about her son already and now she has to sit still to have cameras intentionally flashed into her eyeball so Justin can have a picture to take to the tattoo artist??

3 thoughts on “Justin Bieber’s Mom is Truly Always Watching Him

  1. Mommy I went potty all by my myself…..in a bucket….in a restaurant. His mom must be so proud. Yes his mother sees all that he does and unfortunately the world has to suffer through it too.


      1. if he lifts weights (which he probably doesn’t with those girl arms) hes mom will be winking at him haha.


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