Trailer: The Walking Dead Season 4

I have a slightly love/hate relationship with The Walking Dead. Not to the extent that I do Glee or The Newsroom, two shows that I continue to watch and have no idea why, but with TWD my expectations are high and my thought process is like:

“Derp. This season is just okay, oh wait, it’s good again!”

“Are they ever going to find that little girl?”
Michonne and Maggie
“Why doesn’t anyone kill The Governor when they have the chance?” 

Here’s the thing though, if season 4 is even a fraction as amazing as the new trailer that just debuted at Comic-Con then it’s not something you can afford to miss. (Oct. 13.)
The Walking Dead zombie tree
We see Michonne slicing and dicing on a horse, Hershel calmly saying “We lost 12 of our own” as the camera pans to freshly dug graves, and a murder mystery that doesn’t involve zombies! Wowza.

What do you think?

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