Jenny McCarthy Hired on as ‘The View’ Host, is Apparently Controversial

Jenny McCarthy son instagramSome are saying that Jenny McCarthy being hired onto The View to sit with Whoopi and Barbara and express opinions about culture and current events is controversial. She’s replacing adorably staunch Republican Elisabeth Hasslebeck, which is, in itself “controversial” if you really want to nitpick.

A bunch of “authorities” (because you know people back in the day went to college to one day discuss Jenny McCarthy joining a joint talk show in 2013) think ABC made a poor choice in the Playboy cover girl because of her stance on vaccinations. (Click here for more on that.)

Others may or may not find her dedication to talking about sex off-putting. Puh-lease. Have you seen The Talk? Those women are crazy in a good way and I can only assume The View is looking to mix it up and make it “fun” the way their competition over at CBS has. 

I never saw Singled Out, but I know a lot of trustworthy folks who liked her on that. She’s just a wild lady, you know. Stern Show favorite, Donnie Wahlberg’s fluffer (why didn’t I see that coming?). She’s just a harmless big-boobed whacko with no ill-intentions. I’m sure the ghost of Joy Behar will slap her eyebrows off if she starts encouraging mothers to not vaccinate their kids.

(I hate kids so I say don’t vaccinate them and just let them die. Population control. And stop being an organ donor too. The human race does not need help existing.)


What do you think?

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