San Diego Comic Con Post!

Comic Con is a wonderfully weird place.  It’s where nerds go to shine, to bask in all their comic book, superhero, video game glory.  It’s smelly, it’s filled with ridiculous costumes, and it’s packed wall to wall with hoards of people.  I attended for my first time this past weekend, and it was fucking awesome.

Also, it will hereby be referred to as “The Con.”

Held in downtown Whale’s Vagina San Diego, The Con started out as one of the original comic book conventions and overtime evolved to a world-renowned, massive pop culture event complete with celebrities, news cameras, after parties and (a nerd can only hope) a handjob from a girl in a Xena costume.

There was a Storm Trooper:
Storm Trooper comic con 2013
And Predator:
predator comic con 2013
And this guy:
underwear guy comic con 2013
Also, this Walking Dead booth:
walking dead comic con 2013
And this Hyundai Zombie Survival Machine:
hyundai zombie survival machine comic con 2013
I can’t honestly call myself a die-hard comic book fan, but the exhibits, comic artists, merchandise (think Steve Carrell’s living room in 40-Year-Old Virgin), and all-around hilarious crowd make The Con quite an experience.

The panels have become a huge focus and source of buzz that surrounds the convention. Some quick highlights:

– There will be a Superman-Batman movie directed by Zach Snyder

– The Catching Fire Trailer looks dope

– Season premier of How I Met Your Mother will once again feature the kids, aged 8 years

– Ultron will be the villain in the new Avengers movie

Check out more pics here, and more info here.

If you’re a comic fan or just a film/television fan, The Con is your Coachella–tell us what Comic Con news you’re most excited about!

What do you think?

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