Video: One Direction – “Best Song Ever”

Usually I try to post only two kinds of music videos on here, ones I really like, or ones that make me shit my pants in contempt. The video for “Best Song Ever” doesn’t quite qualify as either, it’s just really popular.

So popular that it broke a record on Vevo for most views in one day (over 10 million) because One Direction fans are nuts. In it, the boys take on various roles like a bald studio exec (Louis Tomlinson doing Tom Cruise in Tropic Thunder), a choreographer, a nerd, an old dude and a sexy direction in drag
I’m usually pretty “meh” about these guys but it’s worth watching just to see Zayn Malik in drag. Maybe Lorne Michaels should invite a few of them to host SNL? —-> GIFs HERE <—–

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