Lindsay Lohan Hosting ‘Chelsea Lately’ Next Week

Lindsay Lohan chelsea handlerLindsay Lohan continues her seven-year attempt at a comeback with a late night hosting gig on E!’s Chelsea Lately. Lohan will take over for Chelsea Handler next Monday, August 5.

Handler and Lohan’s history dates back to the opening segment of the 2010 VMAs, when Lohan slapped Chelsea’s ass and called her an alcoholic. Prior to that date, Chelsea had made fun of Lohan’s various DUIs and other legal issues, then met her, called her “sweet” on her show, and went back to making fun of her a few months later.

What’s harder, comedians trying not to make fun of Lindsay, or Lindsay showing up on time?

Remind me to set my DVR not to record that day. Secondhand embarrassment is lethal.

What do you think?

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