Nick Jonas Shows Off Disney-Owned Nipples and Body Hair

nick jonas shirtlessLike every other average late 20-something American, I can’t tell the Jonas Brothers apart or name a single one of their songs. Kevin and Nick are especially tough because of the hair.

The shirtless one shown here is Nick (the one with diabetes), Kevin is the one with the reality show and Joe is the black swan Valderrama-looking motherfucker who dated a bunch of starlets.

Now that we’ve lost brain cells with the lesson, check out the super contrast-y body of that one guy who was really popular for a few years. Disney is a gateway drug to nudity.

I have yet to meet a Jonas Bro fan, but that’s probably because I have no desire to walk around grade schools with this picture saying “HAVE YOU SEEN THIS MAN?” …I’ve been to jail once and I really don’t want to go back unless I get a callback on #OITNB as Tricia’s sister.

One thought on “Nick Jonas Shows Off Disney-Owned Nipples and Body Hair

  1. Honestly this aryicle was pretty stupid lol … Terrible writing and awkward jokes , even sometimes downright rude to call out someone who has diabetes like that . You might have not meant it that way but it came off extremely rude .


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