Virginia Tech Mascot Thinks Nirvana Still Exists, Requests a Video Shoutout

Nirvana mark seligerLast week, the Virginia Tech mascot (whose identity is apparently top secret) wrote a letter to Sub Pop requesting that the legendary band Nirvana give a shoutout to the school, joining the Ying Yang Twins and Slightly Stoopid, among others, to support the school’s homecoming.

Nirvana of course won’t be making the video, because the band doesn’t exist anymore and the lead singer has been dead for 19 years.  I mean really, mascot?  I know you’re at a techie school that doesn’t have much of an arts program, and are way too young to remember Nirvana when they were big, but come on. Am I that old?

And as far as Kurt Cobain being dead, it’s a crazy well-known fact. Read up on it. Write a paper about it for extra credit or something.

But it gets better–the mascot also referred to the band as “her” at one point in the letter.  

My guess is she used the same letter and just replaced the band/artist name each time it was sent out, and (being that’s she’s a college student and therefore high) forgot to change “her” to “them.” Or maybe she’s just an idiot, I don’t know for sure. 

But here’s the really funny part – Sub Pop went with it, creating a video at the request of the mascot, complete with a female lead singer and 3 band members in the background.

I just hope the mascot doesn’t find out by reading the news, and actually uses the video. Because goddam, that would just be the cherry on top. 

Check out the letter in full here.  It’s written on adorable, flowery paper which is of course perfect for a girl like Nirvana. That’s so her style.

What do you think?

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