Fake Crazy Girl Fake Burns Herself To Kreayshawn’s ‘Gucci Gucci’

Brittany Furlan vineI do take enjoyment out of stories about animal rescue and people doing good neighborly deeds lending each other sugar or eggs or whatever (lay off the cake, fatty), but they’re just not the type of stories I love the most. My favorite thing of the week was a video of a really ridiculous looking woman singing rap into her curling iron and then burning herself until I found out that it wasn’t real.

I mean, she’s not stupid and she didn’t burn herself and she’s probably not even a Kreayshawn fan! Her name is Brittany Furlan, a comedian who says she’s “addicted to making characters.”

BETRAYAL. I wouldn’t have told you so you could watch it in your little fantasy world like I did believing it was the most hilarious thing I’d see that day BUT NO, the world is cruel. Vine just ruined stupidity for me the same way Facebook is using Candy Crush to ruin online gaming.

What do you think?

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