Video: Ronda Rousey Tears Reporter a New Hole Over Inappropriate Question

Can we can agree that best-current-female-MMA-fighter Ronda Rousey is a tough ass badass no nonsense bitch? Like whether that personally translates to you as a good or bad thing, you have to recognize that she could kick your ass while making a latte and checking her Twitter and not break a sweat.

Here she is telling off a reporter for asking her how many times she bangs before a fight. It’s a variation of a question she gets asked all the time. Now, he may have asked because she has, in various interviews, described how sex is a great way to let off steam prior to a match, but that still doesn’t make it “okay.”

Overall he just sounds like a pervert who really needed to be put in his place and she was obliged to help him with that. Hey guy, you’re a far cry from Bob Costas or Bryant Gumbel. STFU.
ronda rousey maxim cover 2013ronda rousey bikini maxim
Here she is on the cover of Maxim’s September issue, still not answering your stupid question.

4 thoughts on “Video: Ronda Rousey Tears Reporter a New Hole Over Inappropriate Question

    1. Ronda is undefeated. Cyborg lost a fight and was on steroids for the majority of the ones she won.

      Everyone wants to see that match-up though, and I truly have no idea who would win because Cyborg is unrelenting and tough as hell with or without the roids.


  1. True be told. People on the inside no all about Rhonda, she is a great martial artist. One of the best in the world. But as far as a MMA. She is not even in the top ten females. From what I’ve been told she has been doing a lot of favors for Dana White. I’ll just leave it at that. I don’t think M. Tate, is going to take a dive this time, after the last fight where Rhonda, went over the top with the win. She was not surpose to do that. It’s personal this time. Remember this come December. You ehard it here first.


    1. Why in God’s name would Miesha still try to get away from Ronda after her arm was bent like Gumby if the fight was fixed??

      They’re two very competitive and talented fighters, no one needs to take a dive for it to be a fucking electric show.


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