Clay Aiken’s Dreamcoat Speaks For Itself

Clay Aiken dreamcoat promoIf this promotional picture of Clay Aiken from a Maine production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat speaks for itself then why the hell am I filling this section with text at all? Habit? Fear that Clay Aiken fans will dislike the tone of the title and threaten me?

…No that’s definitely not it. I’m more likely to get attacked by a deer with Asperger’s.

I say that because I’ve been watching Parenthood lately, and also there was a socially questionable deer that used to wander into our yard when I was a child, but it had the opposite of Asberger’s, like no matter how hard you stomped your foot, put on a camouflage vest and threatened to turn him into jerky, the damn thing would still eat the roses.

Clay is kind of like that, huh? He won’t take a hint. Just keeps showing up in my hypothetical garden and I just don’t seem to have the right kind of shotgun to scare him away.

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