Major Lazer and the Most Awkward Interview Ever

Diplo kennedy interview awkward lollapalooza 2013If you remember MTV back in the 90s, when the focus was more on music and less on slutty teenage girls who get pregnant and graduate to porn, you might remember the show Alternative Nation, with host Lisa Kennedy Montgomery (aka Kennedy). She’s now the host of LA’s 98.7FM morning show Music in the Mornings, so if you’re an LA resident you may also be familiar with her current status.

Apparently she also interviews artists at Lollapalooza, the annual Chicago-based music festival that took place this past weekend. A video of Kennedy’s interview with Major Lazer has surfaced, and it’s the most uncomfortable 6 minutes and 34 seconds of human interaction I’ve ever had to cringe my way through. Check it out here. I’ll break down the interview below:

0:03 – Wow, right off the bat this shit gets awkward. Kennedy moronically refers to Jillionaire and Walshy Fire as “the other two people who make up Major Lazer.” Alright, I know they’re living in the shadow of the almighty Diplo, but seriously, do your research. Jillionaire responds with “That used to be funny.” I applaud this response. 

00:33 – After a strange exchange of the words “Lo-Fi” and “No-Fi” regarding a band called Skaters, Kennedy suggests to Diplo that he “check em out, mothertrucker.” You’re kidding, right? You’re sitting with Diplo, they guy who once posted this to Instagram. You can say motherfucker. Saying “mothertrucker” makes you sound like an idiot who’s trying too hard. Which you are.

00:51 – This is when you know the interview is going sour. When asked what their thoughts are on their tours, music production and collaborations, and just their awesome lives in general, Jillionaire responds with “There’s a dead body in my room right now, I’m going to jail tomorrow.”

There’s no coming back from that – this interview is over. Unfortunately, we still have almost six minutes to go. Kennedy didn’t really know how to respond to Jillionaire’s “shocking confession” (I’m mean shit, I probably wouldn’t either), but she did her best.

1:35 – Kennedy starts getting frustrated and begins making fun of the three guys. “I’m a DJ! Cuttin’ and scratchin’! What what! I went to Dubai! I played for the prince of Who Gives a Shit!” I actually started getting worried at this point. This is getting heated. Things mellow out for a bit until…

3:32 – Kennedy: “You’re a motherfuckin’, electronica, EMD, Moombahton DJ. You know how [the media] works,” after which Diplo hilariously imitates her and yells “MOOMBAHTON! EMD!” And in case your wondering, “EMD” is not a typo. That’s what she actually said.

3:46 – Jillionaire throws a candy bar.

3:50 – Kennedy: “Why you gotta be eatin’ my nuts, Jillionaire?” (I honestly have no idea what’s happening at this point).

4:23 – Kennedy asks Diplo if he’s ever texted “pictures of his privates.” He responds no. Which I’m pretty sure is a lie.

5:11 – This is the peak of the interview, the point at which we can confirm that Kennedy and Diplo do, in fact, hate each other. She asks “Who is the most annoying person you’ve ever worked with?” and he responds, “Probably you.” Honestly, she set herself up for that. Also, why the fuck would you ask someone that question during an interview? It’s just weird. See, this is why Diplo hates the media.
Major Lazer kennedy interview 2013
There no coming back from that. The rest of the interview was a complete disaster, and when Kennedy asks for Diplo’s “last words” for the interview, he simply responds “Bye.” Kennedy responds, “Kbye,” the group stands up in complete silence, and the interview ends.

Needless to say, I don’t think we’ll be hearing another interview with this foursome anytime soon. Certainly not if Diplo and the other two guys can help it.

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