Fred Armisen yeah yeah yeahs behind a tree Portland You see the man in the nondescript, green jacket with folded arms standing behind a tree and familiar Pacific Northwestern grey sky? That’s Fred Armisen, of  Portlandia, watching Har Mar Superstar open for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

My friend and I spotted the Saturday Night Live alumn in the far back, enjoying the show and posing for pictures with everyone that walked by, looked at him, and made that priceless “Oh shit” face of awe, happiness and surprise you make when you see Fred Armisen standing behind a tree like the normal person that he is.

For a while we just watched him and felt bad that he couldn’t enjoy himself, eventually speculating that maybe he was one of those tragically lonely celebrities who finds solace in talking to strangers who recognize him. After a 20-minute discussion, we did what any two assholes would and demanded a picture with him. 

I asked him what his favorite song of theirs was, and he told me “Y Control” because it’s just “so them.” When he asked me mine I blurted out “Date With The Night,” or “anything from the first album,” like a hipster jerk who doesn’t enjoy new material (not true, I love “Sacrilege, “Mosquito,” and all the rest), but he didn’t seem to notice.

He went out of his way to continue to talk to me and I panicked, thinking “Surely Fred Armisen has better things to do than talk to me, oh my God I’M WASTING HIS TIME I better just say ‘Thank you’ and run away.” I also imagine stupidly that I reminded him of his ex-wife, Elisabeth Moss, in all my awkward ginger glory, and was bringing up bad memories.

Like he probably just wanted to strangle me the entire time. But no, Fred Armisen is a wonderful human being. If you ever see him, tell him you really enjoyed him on Howard Stern as I forgot to do so.
Yeah yeah yeahs edgefield troutdale
My friend wouldn’t let me post the picture of her and him on Facebook that I took because she rightly sees the internet for the invasive timesuck that it is, so I can hardly justify putting her face on my website, but here it is all blurred out. Awww. Love you, Fred.

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