Terry Crews Plays Major Lazer in “Scare Me” Video

Terry Crews major lazer 1Terry Crews has just completed the most important role of his film career. At least in my opinion. And the opinion of any Major Lazer fan.

The NFL player-turned-actor appears in the trio’s new video for “Scare Me,” off their new album released earlier this year, playing none other than the Major himself. In the video, he’s tasked with saving the world from an evil warlord who’s gotten his hands on a powerful “terror lazer.”

So it’s Major Lazer, using a major lazer (among other things) to fight off a man with another, more powerful major lazer. I wish there was a way to watch this battle live. And on acid.

A few other familiar faces made it into the video, including Workaholics’ Blake Andersen and The League’s Nick Kroll, who utters by far the most powerful line in the video: “Awaken the Major.” 

Actual chills.

This concept of the video is perfect for this particular adrenaline-pumping song, and gives a brilliant new perspective to the animated protagonist for whom the band is named. Such a fun video to watch.

For a really un-fun video of Major Lazer, check out this disastrous interview they had with some lady.

What do you think?

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