Justin Timberlake Cut N*SYNC VMA Reunion Show, Wanted to Focus More on Himself

'N sync vmasHere’s a funny one – Justin Timberlake commissioned a reunion show with N*SYNC…and then cut half of it.

JT reportedly reached out to the former band members and convinced them to do a reunion show at the VMAs on Sunday, as he would be accepting the Michael Jackson Vanguard Award and had a 15-minute performance time to work with.

Rumors began swirling last week that the band had something in the works, putting dangerous amounts of stress on 20-something-year-old girls across the country.

But when the band did their thing, the performance was met with a ton of disappointment. Probably because the band only performed one song. The set was originally intended to feature a full medley of N*SYNC hits, but JT reportedly kept cutting it back more and more, reducing it to the 2-minute quickie we saw on Sunday. 

A source stated that the band members pushed for more, but in the end JT didn’t want the whole show to be about the reunion. Which makes sense, because it’s a reunion show. Wait, what? 

C’mon JT. I know you’re the one that made it big, but isn’t that all the more reason to let these guys have a little more time in the spotlight? Plus, you’re depriving your fans of shitty 90s boy band music and that’s just wrong.

Jay-Z probably made him do it. Jay-Z runs everything.

If you were expecting a full on tour, you can probably just say Bye Bye Bye to that idea, because it’s most likely not happening if JT can’t even give these guys 15 minutes to show that they still got it (even though they look like dads now).
'N sync reunion VMA gif
First Destiny’s Child, now this. I swear, if Creed has a reunion show they better follow the same format. Because more than 2 minutes of Creed is too much.

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