Mariah Carey Shares Popular Opinion That Nick Cannon’s Music is a Joke

Nick Cannon laughingMariah Carey‘s first born Nick Cannon told reporters at a VMA after-party that his wifey for lifey doesn’t take his music seriously.

She thinks my music is a big joke,” he said, laughing (because people laugh when things are true). “But so do I so it doesn’t matter … My music is silly, you know what I mean, she makes anthems that changes people’s lives.”

While I’d have to argue that “Touch My Body” didn’t exactly cause me to have eye-opening peyote tent visions, it does make his song “Gigolo” from 2003 with R. Kelly look like an even bigger reason to flush and light a match.

Me remembering and even singing the line “I’m a gigolo, spending lots of dough” around my apartment makes me wonder if I qualify for electroshock therapy.

Behold the single “Me Sexy,” from his sure-to-win-a-Grammy album White People Party Music.

What do you think?

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