Snooki and Elizabeth Berkeley Are Taking ‘Dancing With The Stars’ By Storm

Snooki showgirls Elzabeth BerkeleyThe cast of season 17 of Dancing With The Stars was announced today, and while it included semi-knowns like Billy Nye, Leah Remini, Jack Osbourne and Amber Riley, I only care about two names…

Snooki and freaking Elizabeth Berkeley! Yes. This means that my dream of the Notorious Tan Midget hanging out with a real giant (sorry JWoww) is about to come true.

At 5’10”, Elizabeth Berkeley (of Saved by the Bell fame), stands a foot and two inches above Snooki, who is 4’8″.

They will become lifelong friends, starting with getting drunk on the Jersey pier and yelling lines from the Showgirls script at each other. I never watch this shitty show and I don’t plan on it now, but I will keep my eyes on Ms. Polizzi’s Twitter and Instagram for photos of them tearing it up.

What do you think?

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