I’d Be a Liar if I Said This 13-Year-Old on X-Factor Didn’t Just Make Me Cry

Rion Page X FactorI started watching X-Factor last year to see Britney Spears act a fool, and I’m continuing to watch this year for no reason at all… No reason until I saw 13-year-old Rion Page take the stage.

Page was born with a disorder that affected her joints and made her unable to bend her hands, is almost completely blind in one eye, and has an incredible voice and attitude.

Granted, I’m feeling extra emotional and would probably cry at a plastic bag if it was blowing the way that the one in American Beauty did, but a tween with this much confidence and talent (not to mention awesome parenting from her mom), made me smile and gave me, dare I say it, hope. 

She doesn’t have a Twitter yet (but will soon because duh), so check her out on Facebook and watch the video below to see what the judges had to say.

I’m going to go to school tomorrow and I’m gonna keep my mouth shut and then I’m going to go into my house and scream about it a little bit,” the Jacksonville native replied after being asked how she would celebrate her triumphant appearance on the show.

What do you think?

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