Sky Ferreira, I Love You, But WTF is ‘Omanko’ About?

Sky Ferreira wtfI’ve been pretty into Sky Ferreira since her As If EP and since her highly anticipated full-length album Night Time, My Time just dropped, I figure I’d take a second to talk about the non-single “Omanko.”

“Omanko,” a Japanese slang word for vagina, contains only a handful of lyrics, mainly “Oh, Japanese Jesus” and “I’m gearing up for a Japanese Christmas,” officially making it one of the weirdest pop songs ever.

So now that I/we SORT of know what it’s about, the question is WHY, Sky, why?

I don’t know much about her as a person besides that she’s a favorite of Terry Richardson and industry idols like Shirley Manson, but perhaps the heroin and ecstasy arrest earlier this year can help explain the incoherent weirdness.

Reading Japanese comics
And fucking Japanese omanko
The Japanese Jesus
Oh, Japanese Jesus, come on

She was high and singing about Asian vag on Christmas, it’s excusable. You’d just think once she came down she’d roll her eyes and trash it…

Speaking of odd pop-related things, does anyone else hear the electric toothbrush in Lorde’s “400 Lux?”

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