A Man With Two Penises Has Existed For 24 Years And We’re Only Just Now Hearing About It

double dick dude twitter2014 is already a wondrous year for one reason and three words: Double Dick Dude.

This is the Reddit username of a 24-year-old caucasian man with a rare condition called Diphallia, also known as “penile duplication” also known as “HE HAS TWO WORKING, FULL-SIZED PENISES!”

Double Dick Dude recently revealed tons of personal details about his sex life in an Ask Me Anything session, but surprisingly few unrelated to his genital region besides his age and American citizenship were brought to light.

When asked what the downsides were, he wrote that the girl he lost his virginity in high school “told everyone” and that he generally avoids public restrooms. (His prostate also becomes enlarged if he doesn’t ejaculate at least every two days.) 

He learned to appreciate his situation post-teenagerhood, and once engaged in an orgy with three other men and three women, which DDD describes as his “best sexual experience.” When he urinates, the stream originates from both penises, and the same goes for ejaculating.

Again, DDD is oddly mysterious despite the FOUR (count ’em: onetwothree and four) very NSFW photos provided via Imgur plus the two on Twitter (HERE and HERE). Leave any unresolved details, specifically a photo of his face and his exact location so certain terrified and/or curious women and men can either avoid and/or immediately visit him.

Random fact: According to Reuters, there have been “about 100” reported cases of ambidickstrous men.

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