Two Shirtless Chili Peppers, Manning Memes and Other Super Bowl Revelations

Bruno Mars Red hot chili peppersBruno Mars’ highly energetic albeit short Super Bowl performance silenced critics on Sunday and was definitely the best, most memorable thing to come from the event.

There were bets on how many Peppers would be wearing shirts, and you’d be absolutely frankentarded to not guess two, seeing as Anthony and Flea are as likely to be shirtless as Peyton Manning is to be as stiff in the passing pocket as a corpse that overdosed on Viagra.

A map showing who was rooting for who during the big game has surfaced, showing that a staggering majority of Americans (besides in Oregon, Washington and Alaska) were crying disappointed tears into their hot wings, pizza and beer last night. 

While Mars and RHCP spiced up the super boring Weed Bowl with drum solos, an amped-up rendition of “Give It Away” and pelvis-thrusting/funk stompin’ goodness, the internet was busy making jokes about the fallen Manning brother.
Peyton manning mom come get me
There was another one with a picture of the cast of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit looking for Peyton (because, you know, Seahawks rape), but I can’t seem to find it.

Alos newsworthy [ish], fans ended up getting stuck in the freezing cold rail station in New Jersey for hours while most of downtown Seattle participated in the most “polite” riot of all time.

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