Jennifer Lawrence’s Best Friend (Who is Not You) and Boyfriend (Also Not You) Sing Her Praises

Jennifer Lawrence Nicholas Hoult Oscars 2014If you watched (or read about) the Oscars you may have noticed Jennifer Lawrence – dolphin in a sea of sharks, America’s charmingly shocked, clumsy and down-to-earth sweetheart – falling on the red carpet, presenting Best Actor to Matthew McConaughey (who memorably spoke of his father in heaven drinking beer in his underwear) and taking a Twitter-breaking selfie with Ellen, Bradley Cooper and a lot of other people with perfect skin who poop uncut diamonds.

Jennifer Lawrence is in fact so special and loved, she has separate dates to sit and walk with. Bestie Laura Simpson took the arrival honors, lending an arm-flailing Lawrence her neck and “freshly done Lauren Conrad up do” to break her fall, while longtime Brit boyfriend Nicholas Hoult (About a Boy, Skins, X-Men: First Class) appeared as her grinning, televised chair warmer. 

While Simpson wrote a post on MySpace that proves she deserves the coveted title of Jennifer Lawrence’s actual best friend (sorry to crush your dreams of miniature golf and pillow fights with her and Emma Stone), Hoult told V Man magazine that he’s just a “bystander,” like us. A bystander who gets to kiss her…

Lawrence met Simpson met seven years ago and "hit it off over a mutual respect for Chandler Bing" and pizza
Lawrence met Simpson met 7 years ago and “hit it off over a mutual respect for Chandler Bing” and pizza

“I think that’s something she’s capable of doing, and that’s what makes her special, but yeah, it is very odd, and I am just kind of a bystander in many ways,” he said of her ability to stay sane in the spotlight. “It is well-deserved for her. I haven’t really seen any change in her.”

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