Lindsay Lohan’s List of Famous Sexual Partners Includes One Justin, Two Jamies and an Adam

Lindsay Lohan sex list
In Touch got ahold on a copy of Lindsay Lohan’s list of sexual conquests and quickly put it where it belongs: in our hands. Apparently, besides Mean Girls, banging famous guys is Lindsay’s greatest achievement.

There are many men who could surely pen buzzworthy lists of past shags, hell, some of them are on her list (Colin Farrell), but surely it be more impressive if she hadn’t thrown her career away to go to the clubs where she likely met most of these gentleman callers. Is that ankle bracelet keeping you warm at night? I think not.

Lindsay’s list – reportedly written in January of last year at the Beverly Hills Hotel – includes the obvious (Wilmer Valderrama, Max George) and not-so obvious (Timberlake, Levine, Joaquin Phoenix??) and the downright sad (Heath Ledger, ZACK EFFRON?). 

Nico Tortorella, Jamie Dornan, the new Fifty Shades of Grey lead and long-haired musician Jamie Burke are two names you may not recognize at first glance, but Burke, who also threw his bone at Kate Moss and Sienna Miller, once told an interviewer “You know, most of the girls I know don’t like clean guys. They like me when I’ve just come off stage, not just out of the shower.”

Lohan is obviously one who prefers inhaling a big filthy whiff of farty B.O. over soap or aftershave.

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    1. I went to North Carolina to consort with friendly Southern folk and throw boiled crawfish in the air like I just don’t care this week thank-you-very-much.

      The Twist is not down, I’m just short bus slow!


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