Terry Richardson is the Woody Allen of the Fashion Industry, Traumatized Models Confirm

Terry Richardson pervThere is no question that famed photographer Terry Richardson is a pervert. He’d actually be the first one to tell you so and shrug it off, but it’s beyond troubling how many big names (Lady Gaga, Jared Leto, Kate Moss) continue to work with him considering the recent allegations against him.

Confirmation that his form of perverseness translates directly to manipulation and sexual exploitation has appeared in confession form by girls on Reddit and Jezebel.

You can see a direct timeline of it all on Styleite, but the events described by Charlotte Waters summarize the extent of this best. According to Waters – who was 19 at the time – Richardson instructed her to take off all her clothes and proceeded to lick her ass, kiss her aggressively and request that she squeeze his balls until they “pushed back up into his body.” 

Ultimately, his assistant was the one holding the camera, as Richardson ended the shoot by jacking off on her face.

Now, we can only ASSUME that “Uncle Terry,” as he likes to be called, only turns his photography sessions into full-blown porn when relatively unknown models are involved. You know, newbies who would be too “honored” at the privilege to work with such a big name to come forward or completely understand how abnormal his practices are.

God knows he wouldn’t continue to get a steady stream of well-paying offers if he straight-up came on Lea Michele’s face.

[A quick search reveals multiple photos of Terry’s completely exposed peen, just so you know what to avoid]

4 thoughts on “Terry Richardson is the Woody Allen of the Fashion Industry, Traumatized Models Confirm

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    Always jumping to their own opinions.


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