Amanda Bynes Frolics in Bikini, Makes Long-Awaited Return to Twitter!

Amanda Bynes bikini 2014
Amanda Bynes MAY be giving us the success story we wasted our time hoping for with Lindsay Lohan…

After entering a hospital and eventually rehab for driving crazily, smashing bongs and lighting fires in people’s yards, Bynes is seemingly back to her content, sane self – spending time with her parents and attending the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising.

Of all the negative things Bynes was “famous” for in recent years, most know her for her presence on Twitter.

Once the queen of attention-grabbing tweets that often involved calling people “ugly” and getting her vagina murdered, not to mention the posting of one-eyed duckface photos, Amanda B. has quietly returned to social media with short and sweet messages about her fans and her birthday. (She just turned 28.) 

Via Us Weekly:

After an extended stint in rehab for mental health issues, Bynes deleted her series of puzzling tweets from the months before (many bashing and praising singer Drake) and restarted her social media presence.

“Hi everyone! I’m busy studying at @FIDM  but I want to say I love you to my fans! Xoxo Amanda,” she tweeted from her newly-updated account on March 1.

She also posted photos of herself in a bikini, and while most of the worldwide web chose to use the word “healthy” to describe her transformation, I prefer the term “happy.”
Amanda Bynes healthy bikini Amanda Bynes parents 2014
(Anyone who’s ever been presented with a Reese’s Cup knows happiness is more important than health.)

Jury’s still out on whether or not her parents PR people got ahold of her account, possibly working tirelessly to convince Amanda not to eat lemons before every photo or take beauty tips from Taylor Momsen.

What do you think?

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