Clippers Owner is in a Mess of Trouble After Making Racist Comments to Black Mistress

Donald Sterling mistressMarried rich geezer Donald Sterling is having quite the identity crisis this week. Sterling is under investigation by the NBA after being caught on tape telling his girlfriend that he’s tired of her promoting her friendships with black people.

It bothers me a lot that you want to broadcast that you’re associating with black people,” he says on the recording. “Do you have to?” 

Not only are 12 of Sterling’s 14 L.A. Clippers African-American (and the coach), but his mistress, 38-year-old Maria Vanessa Perez, known to the press simply as V. Stiviano, is half Latina and half black.

The entire league, both active and retired are urging folks to boycott the team, and the Clippers players themselves protested by wearing their warm-up uniforms inside out so the logo wasn’t visible.

Sterling’s biggest mistake was perhaps including beloved icon Magic Johnson in his rant, expressing concern over Stiviano bringing him to Staples Center. 

Don’t put him on an Instagram for the world to have to see so they have to call me. And don’t bring him to my games,” he said.

Literally EVERYONE – besides maybe other stuffy old white men and Paula Deen – are upset with Sterling at this moment over the comments, namely his wife, the presidentSnoop Dogg, and the rest of the general black and white sport-loving, internet-reading population.

And of all the people spitting venom at him, the one he actually has to deal with on a daily basis would be the first in line to tar and feather his ass: his wife of 50 years, who filed a lawsuit against him last month for making it rain in more ways than one all over the other woman. Via the L.A. Times:

Rochelle Sterling alleges that her husband used community property to buy Stiviano a 2012 Ferrari, two Bentleys and a 2013 Range Rover, worth a total of more than $500,0000.

Sterling also allegedly gave Stiviano $1.8 million to buy a duplex on West 4th Street near the Beverly Center last December, according to the suit, which claims that Sterling additionally provided her with $240,000 for upkeep and living expenses.

The part of the tape where he pretends not to hear her when she reminds him that she’s “mixed” has me wondering who’s more ashamed of their sexual preference, him or that KKK leader who was caught with a huge black d*ck in his mouth.

What do you think?

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