Donald Sterling Fined Millions, Banned From All Things NBA for Life Over Racist Remarks

Donald Sterling fatI’m sure Donald Sterling regrets not sitting up in his executive suite waving his liver-spotted fingers and wishing whips were allowed through security at Staples Center every time a Clipper player missed a free throw.

After all, no one’s ever gotten a $2.5 million dollar fine or lifetime ban from the NBA for racist thoughts, but that is the exact punishment doled out to him by Commissioner Adam Silver for voicing his backwards opinions on minorities.

I’m not exactly defending the old fart, because someone like him really should not have any say in what goes on with a group of African-American men, but his thoughts aren’t even remotely unusual for a white man born in 1933. Black men being able to vote, let alone date white women without getting flogged and thrown in a tree, is a revelation to him.

In 2006, Sterling allegedly said he’d rather not have black or Hispanic tenants living in apartment buildings he owns because they “just hang around the building” and “smell and attract vermin.”
kkk clippers
Sterling was also sued for discrimination by a Clippers employee, and wasn’t, as far as I know, investigated by the NBA for either incident. But then again, Adam Silver wasn’t commissioner at that time.

Maybe Donald’s secretly happy to be rid of this love/hate relationship…

It must have been SO hard for him to deal with the fact that he was filthy rich and able to hand out luxury cars to his mistresses as if they were Tic Tacs because of a group of rowdy black 20-somethings. And even more frustrating that it wasn’t socially acceptable to keep them in a stable behind his house.
Donald Sterling meme
Let this be a lesson to all millionaires to be careful what they say when they think no one is listening.

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