Crowned White Walker From Last Week’s ‘Game of Thrones’ Was Once a Stark Named Bran?

Night's King Game of Thrones walkerAn HBO GO employee accidentally spoiled that baby-stealing white walker as being a legendary figure in Game of Thrones lore in a summary of the “Oathkeeper” episode, and his story is quite interesting.

Known as the Night’s King in the books, the walker was once a Commander of the Night’s Watch, and according to Old Nan in a Storm of Swords, a former Stark who shared not only bloodlines with Bran, but also a name.

The Night’s King lost himself over a woman with ice-cold skin and bright blue eyes and was taken down by rulers of Westeros (including his own brother) after committing “horrific atrocities” that included sacrificing to the walkers.

While Old Nan probably made him a Stark with the same name to scare children embellish the story, this has fans wondering how the legend of the Night’s King ties in with Bran’s current storyline. 
game of thrones baby blue eyes
Here are the two most popular theories about Brandon Stark and the Night’s King:

 1. Using his and Jojen’s abilities, Bran travels past the wall and defeats the looming army of walkers

2. The Night’s King comes face-to-face with Bran and uses his fingernail powers to turn him into the new leader of snow zombies who repeats history by ending up in an epic brawl with his brother, Jon Snow.

And two less popular, but still plausible theories:

3. Bran regains use of his legs, but neither becomes a walking walker or defeats them. Instead, he observes their behavior and reports his findings to the Night’s Watch later on.

4. Finally, George R.R. Martin’s favorite theory: he just fucking dies of frostbite.

One thought on “Crowned White Walker From Last Week’s ‘Game of Thrones’ Was Once a Stark Named Bran?

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