And the Best Nude Scene of the Year Goes to…

alexandra daddario true detective nude scene
The guy who founded Mr. Skin, all-knowing authority on naked ladies, says he already knows what the best nude scene of 2014 is, and the honor goes to True Detective and Alexandra Daddario

He says it was a close call between Margot Robbie (in The Wolf of Wall Street) and Daddario, who was previously known for more PG roles in the Percy Jackson series and Parenthood.  The Mr. Skin guy is very well-spoken, attributing her success to the fact that she “has these amazing breasts and all this other stuff.”

The crazy thing about True Detective, besides the jugs, is that people who have seen it and people who haven’t are in the same exact boat. I’ve watched it, and I’m 50% sure Matthew McConaughey plays two different people, but he can’t find himself because he’s always getting drunk in a police interrogation room. It’s HBO’s own United States of McConaughey. 

Here are some very NSFW photos of the year’s best scene, in case you’re curious:

I don’t know anything about Daddario or her boobs, besides that she’s Leatherface’s cousin and she once Tweeted about Obama seeing her entire body. (I couldn’t tell if she was embarrassed or happy.)


2 thoughts on “And the Best Nude Scene of the Year Goes to…

  1. The male parts are honorable too. God sees them as being comely. The devil dislikes the parts that make life, nurture new life and where life comes out of. The body must be seen as a whole real or animated.


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