A cat that wants to fight crime or thinks his owner needs to relax?

cat smoking weedSo an interesting thing happened last Sunday in New Zealand. A cat brings a bag of about five grams of weed home. The owner of the cat then called the cops to report the incident. Now police are conducting further investigation to see where the drugs originated.

Numerous scenarios cross my mind wondering how and why this cat acquired the bag of weed. Was this cat a superhero, fighting crime and doing his part to clean up the streets? Is there a drug dealer somewhere with claw and bite marks all over his face claiming to have been attacked by a cat wearing a mask and cape? Or maybe the cat was fed up with his cranky hormonal owner and just wanted her to relax.

In either case it seems as though cats are really trying to make a comeback. Like the feline, Tara, who saved a boy from being attacked by a dog… 

When the boy was riding up his driveway the neighbors dog chased after him, took hold of his leg and started to drag him away. Before the boy’s mother knew what was happening, the family cat took action and fought the dog away.

Back to the cat in New Zealand. Turns out he was planning to murder her and was hoping to drug her first. Before he could go through with his plan he was caught. The cat was given ten years in prison. I wonder what he’s going to do to his owner when he realizes she ratted.

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