Why Do People Put Things There?: A Question Not Even ‘Sex Sent Me to the E.R.’ Can Answer

Kinky role-playing ends up in the emergency room. There is a television show on TLC called “Sex Sent Me to the E.R.” This episode stuck in my mind because of the previous post from a book titled “Stuck up.” Stories like these make me wonder why people feel the need to put very odd things in places they don’t belong.

A Canadian couple by the name of Jason and Michelle decides to role play. She a princess and he was a fire breathing dragon. Handcuffs were involved in this role playing (I am unsure why a dragon would handcuff a princess), and the keys ended up in her vagina (like you didn’t see that coming). This event ended with them in the emergency room, and MORE bad news.

At first the couple pretended not to know what was wrong hoping the doctor would find through an exam. Whenever something bad happens to me that I’m embarrassed about, I think “it can be worse.” 

I assume the only thing worse then keys in the front would be keys in the back (double ouch). The woman decided to come clean when the doctor still didn’t see anything wrong.

“That snapped me,” she said. “I’m like, ‘Okay, this is the situation. This is why we’re here.”
weird x ray sex sent me to the er
The doctor examining Michelle did a probe and discovered the key was next to her cervix and was tangled in the nylon removal strings of her IUD. An IUD is a device inserted into the uterus to prevent pregnancy. The doctor was worried that untangling the key from the IUD strings might remove the device. I think removing the IUD is not a bad idea considering there is a key in tangled in it…

Emergency room physician Dr. Michelle Pearl  was not the doctor for the couple but she is there for the input on the show. “The fact that this key got entangled in these strings is so random, so unbelievable,” she said. “I can’t believe it actually happened.” She also had this to say: “I’d obviously never recommend anyone do anything like this even if your judgment is impaired in the moment of passion.”

So there you have it kids. Don’t stick foreign objects in your vagina/anus even if things are getting hot and heavy. Check out Sex Sent Me to the E.R for some good laughs.
Test 3 franch slurr

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