Popular Boy Band Gets High

Zayn Malik getting high If only cell phone cameras had been around in the late ’90s and early 2000s, I could have seen Britney Spears inspecting Justin Timberlake’s crunchy hair for lice after dropping ecstasyor Backstreet Boy AJ McLean taking shots and playing NBA Street with Hooters girls instead of rehearsing.

What I get instead is Louis Tomlinson of One Direction filming his band mate in a car in Peru with a joint in his hand and a motorcycle cop literally right outside the window and dear God I just don’t care about this kind of music anymore. 

Don’t blame the weed. One Direction are definitely terrible role models, but only because they don’t play any instruments and have no discernible talent. If you combined all five of them into one man, that man might be moderately attractive. 
one direction cop
In the video released by the Daily MailLouis explains that Mary J is an important part of Zayn Malik’s warm-up routine and calls the policeman a “bitch” repeatedly.

Possession of anything less than eight grams of marijuana in Peru is not a crime “if used for personal and immediate consumption,” and unfortunately neither is being a total idiot famous person filming yourself doing drugs and laughing at cops.
Zayn Malik joint
&*#! I was really hoping they’d get locked up until the polar ice caps melt and they’re forced to drink their own pee like Kevin Costner in Waterworld.

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