‘Faking It’ Recap: Three To Tango

Faking it threesome episode
This year, MTV birthed a very decent show in the vein of Awkward called Faking It about a teenage girl who realizes she’s falling for her best friend after they decide to pretend to be lesbians in order to stand out at their ultra-liberal high school in Austin, Texas.

Struggling with sexual identity may not necessarily be a relatable theme, but having feelings for someone you can’t have is, and that’s what makes the show special.

In the sixth episode of Faking It, Amy (Rita Volk, the potentially gay one) reluctantly agrees to have a threesome at the request of Karma (American Idol contestant Katie Stevens, the straight friend), who desperately wants to lose her virginity to the “hot guy” character, who, like all heartthrobs on TV, is constantly referred to by his first and last name.
rules of a threesome faking it
As expected, the unsure-ness of what’s to come gets to all three parties, and begins with awkward silences and glances back and forth…  

Amy is supposed to make up an excuse to leave the threesome, but decides instead to step it up a notch and catch Karma’s attention by wearing sexy underwear under her trench coat instead of the previously rehearsed “authentic” lesbian boxers and wifebeater.

At the very end of “Three To Tango,” Liam hot guy Booker (Gregg Sulkin a.k.a. Robert Pattinson 2.0) hops off the bed and steps in for a lip-lock with Amy because his cluelesss friends told him to “kiss the girl he’s less into first,” and the camera pans to a visibly upset Karma, which leaves the audience wondering if she’s more jealous of Liam or Amy.
Rita Volk underwear Faking It
Like all young adult-themed comedies, Faking It is wonderfully cliché and full of sassy one-liners, but at times it’s also a little heartbreaking.

The subplot of this episode has token sassy gay confidant Shane entering a dance competition with Amy’s bitchy future-stepsister Lauren Cooper, a girl who feels she is destined to be popular but blames the city of Austin for her failure.

Michael Willett (United States of Tara) and Bailey Buntain (Bunheads) shine as these characters, and while the dynamic is truly enjoyable to watch, Amy’s wide-eyed stare of bittersweet desire aimed at her clueless bestie is what’s keeping us on the edge of our seats.
Shane and Lauren Faking It
Tune in to Faking It on Tuesdays at 10:30/9:30 central or watch full episodes at MTV.com

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