Quentin Tarantino Gives Hope to Friendzoned Men Everywhere

Uma and Quentin romanticUma Thurman aka Mia Wallace aka Beatrix Kiddo let Quentin Tarantino out of the friendzone and into her box. Us Weekly is reporting that, after 20 years of advances (and ending her engagement to Arki Busson), Uma finally let Quentin suck on her toes.

Great, now Woody Allen will really never give up on bagging Scarlett Johansson. Smiles for all men who never thought they had a shot and frowns for the women who have painstakingly rejected their advances. My heart goes out to the Khaleesi and Jorah Mormont… And Duckie.

Uma’s probably sick of liking dudes who don’t like her back equally, and figures she could do a lot worse than a brilliant freak director who she loves as a friend. 

six feet under toe slut gif
Somewhere on the set of a really bad horror movie, Ethan Hawke is balling up his fists yelling “I KNEW IT!!!” in no particular direction.

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2 thoughts on “Quentin Tarantino Gives Hope to Friendzoned Men Everywhere

    1. I think there’s about as much validity and truth to this story as there are to 9/11 conspiracy theories, but if it is legit, maybe Kill Bill: Volume 3 will happen sooner?


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