Another man goes on a shooting spree: Teen and police officer killed

James brown shooting victimsA man by the name of James Brown went on a shooting spree on May 31st.

As a result two innocent people were murdered. One a boy of 17 years and the other a police officer.

James Brown was reported to have started shooting randomly as he drove through Norfolk, Virginia.

Mark Rodriguez was on his way home from a celebration of his high school graduation when he was shot in his car. He was declared dead at the scene at the young age of 17.

A police officer was also killed when he spotted Brown’s car near his home. After they spotted the car, the gunman shot officer Brian Jones and Curtis Allison multiple times from inside his home. Allison tried to help Jones, who was shot multiple times. Both officers were taken to the hospital where Jones later passed away. Allison is expected to make a full recovery.

James tried to escape after killing one officer and injuring the other. He ended up crashing into another car when trying to get away. Police officers say that Brown resisted arrest and tried to take the policeman’s gun. He was shot by the officer who was trying to arrest him and pronounced dead at the scene. 
James Brown shooter 2014 Reading about this and writing about this was a real struggle for me, as I assume it will be for most people who read this. There will be people who read this and it wont shock them, it wont scare them, and it wont make them sad.

To me it seems that things are getting worse in America, as though a chain reaction was set off. That people would go on a killing spree then kill themselves. As if it is not bad enough some decided to create fan bases for murderers who killed innocent people. I’m left to sit here and wonder “how long will it be until it happens again?”
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2 thoughts on “Another man goes on a shooting spree: Teen and police officer killed

  1. These tragedies are horrible enough but the age of the victim[s] in this case, Sandy Hook and the UCSB hurts me even more. It isn’t going to slow down until we identify that that problem doesn’t lie in just one thing, whether it’s law enforcement, gun control or mental health in general, but there are ways to prevent it that do involve stricter laws and maybe the police taking certain warning signs more seriously.


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