Ermahgerd I Need Somebody to Hibernate With Until ‘Game of Thrones’ Comes Back

With four major deaths and a fight scene just as epic as the Mountain/Viper showdown, the Game of Thrones finale was everything we hoped for except that it was only the 10th episode and that one guy who was evil but oddly likable totally croaked either by a crossbow bolt or a sword/falling down a hill.

But honestly, how on earth will you spend your Sunday nights now that Thrones is over??

I know I’ll be parading around pretending like this will be the finale that causes me to read all the Song of Ice and Fire books as soon as I have a free second. (Which is never, because I’m always busier scratching my nose until my brain leaks out.)
Tyrion crossbow
Instead of all that nasty book readin’, I’ll be crying into a red velvet cake with Robb, Catelyn and Ned Stark’s smiling faces frosted on it over that aforementioned dead guy, that line about the cave from the angry ginger in episode 9 and Khaleesi’s slave dragons.

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game of thrones father's day card  Game of thrones season four finale meme
(Am I the only one who expected Drogon’s shadow to appear over King’s Landing?)

P.S. Uproxx made a pretty amazing list of who GoT characters would be in The O.C. universe.

Tywin is Caleb, Cersei is Julie Cooper, Jaime’s Luke and Littlefinger is Taylor Townsend.

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