Mexico’s Golden Goalkeeping God Guillermo Ochoa Keeps Brazil at Bay

The World Cup is an amazing occurrence in sports to most, full of bright colors and whizzing balls on a field the size of space which usually excites me about as much as Ron Jeremy naked on a silver platter, but Mexico’s game against Brazil on Tuesday caught my attention.

…Or at least the muted highlights (seen here in glorious Gif form) on SportsCenter did.

Goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa somehow managed to keep a tie-game interesting with his trampoline legs, Mr. Fantastic arms and steel chest. He’s The Avengers, Justice League and the Guardians of the Galaxy combined. 

Also Dhalsim, “Mexican Jesus,” the Vitruvian Man minus the exposed ding dong, General Grievous and Gandalf in “You shall not pass” mode, according to Tumblr and Twitter. Also:

  • “They say that in Brazil all the ‘stop’ signs are now going say ‘Ochoa’ instead”
  • “The Night’s Watch could have used Guillermo Ochoa at Castle Black”
  • “Sexual orientation: Ochoa”

(Images via The Gif Laboratory)

One thought on “Mexico’s Golden Goalkeeping God Guillermo Ochoa Keeps Brazil at Bay

  1. As a weekly reader here I appreciate the Olympic and World Cup
    Coverage you now have. More please.


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