Rihanna for Harper’s Bazaar Arabia, 2014

rihanna arabia coverJust realized I haven’t talked about Rihanna in a while because I thought if I prayed hard enough in silence for her Instagram account to reappear I might get a response because summer is here and I desperately need to know which monokini has the best slits and what beach provides equal parts shade and sun for eating pineapple slices off Cara DeLevingne in an MDMA haze.

An Instagram account isn’t even the only thing we’re mourning, Rihanna has sadly been enjoying her break from album-recording, and will probably not release her usual CD in November.

No diamonds, no men down, no broken dishes… 

Instead, she’s smoking joints while rooting for Germany in the World Cup and posing for the Arabic edition of Harper’s Bazaar looking like a young, less American Tyra Banks.
rihanna arabia harper's bazaar      rihanna harper's bazaar 2014

rihanna harper's body suit

harper's bazaar arabia rihanna      rihanna harpers arabia
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