How Link From ‘Legend of Zelda’ Got His Name

Link legend of zelda stillEver wonder why the character in one of the most beloved video game franchises of all time is called “Link”? Well, a video posted to YouTube channel Did You Know Gaming? has the answer.

While many fans speculated for years that it’s simply because he’s the “bridge between the player and the game,” that’s not entirely correct. Turns out, Link is named “Link” due to an element from the early conception of Zelda that creator Shigeru Miyamoto never ended up actually incorporating in the final product. 

In a recent interview with French gaming publication Game Cult, Miyamoto revealed that the pieces of the Triforce in the Legend of Zelda were originally going to be electronic chips and the game’s story would take place in the past and in the future, and because the hero of the game was the link between these two time periods, they named him “Link.”

Although time travel was used in later games, a futuristic setting has never been used, Nintendo focused more on a fantasy setting for the game. This is actually what inspired Link’s design. Miyamoto loved Disney, and drew inspiration from their portrayal of Peter Pan.

Fellow Miyamoto brainchild Mario was either named after Nintendo’s building landlord Mario Segale or a restaurant near the American headquarters called “Mario and Luigi’s.”

Watch: The History of Zelda – PART 1 – [Birth of A Hero] 

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