‘Snowpiercer’ is a Much Grittier ‘The Hunger Games,’ For Railway Enthusiasts

Chris Evans snowpiercer still If you haven’t seen Snowpiercer yet, you need to, immediately. Here’s what it’s about, in case you saw it on one of those Best of 2014 lists and were still on the fence….

Basically, in the future – 2031 to be exact – the human race has decided to release a chemical into the atmosphere to cool the climate, but it works too well and freezes everything and the last few remnants of mankind are stuck on a train that circles earth once a year.

It’s based on a French graphic novel (Le Transperceneige), and is basically a much grittier, gorier South Korean version of The Hunger Games, except on a train.

With Chris Evans as Katniss (or Princess Elsa), Jamie Bell as Peeta, Tilda Swinton as Effy, and Ed Harris as President Snow. HUNGER TRAIN!
Frozen arm snowpiercer
The train circles the earth once a year and works on a horribly unfair class system, with the people at the back of the train eating roach protein and getting their arms frozen off and broken with sledgehammers by the rich sushi-eating folk at the front when they misbehave.

Brooding dude in a beanie Curtis (Captain America) decides to do something about it and break through the security gates to take control of the “eternal engine” with the help of an imprisoned drug addict and his clairvoyant daughter. 
chrono snowpiercer

Also, enraged Octavia Spencer beating the shit out of axe-wielding maniacs with a baton, Chris Evans slipping on a fish for no reason, and Freddie from Skins as some sort of shirtless ninja.

As far as dystopian action movies goes, Snowpiercer is top-notch, and definitely my favorite movie of the year despite it only being July. (Edge of Tomorrow comes in second.)
 frozen arm gif snowpiercer know your place be a shoe
I suggest this as a double feature with Frozen and singing “Let It Go” during all the fight scenes, Curtis’ cannibalism speech and whenever anyone dies. Could also be a decent drinking game.

Random fact for any non-Korean cinephiles out there: Kang-ho Song and Ah-sung Ko (the addicts) are favorites of director Joon-ho Bong, who also cast them as father and daughter in his river monster epic The Host.
Luke Pasqualino Snowpiercer
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4 thoughts on “‘Snowpiercer’ is a Much Grittier ‘The Hunger Games,’ For Railway Enthusiasts

  1. I just picked The Host up on blu ray the other day and have watched it three times already (completely. awesome. period.) and then heard about Snowpiercer while surfing for cast info & such… Now here’s this killer review. Planetary alignment score.

    I am officially stoked.
    Great write up, can’t wait!


  2. Good review Hallie. It’s the kind of movie that continues to get stranger and stranger as it trugs on along. And for that, I definitely respected it. But on top of that, I actually enjoyed myself quite an awful lot as well.


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