Video: Jessie J – “Bang Bang” Feat. Ariana Grande & Nicki Minaj

“Bang Bang,” is a song by music’s Vampira featuring big voice-having little person Ariana Grande and inspiration for the “ass like a cadillac” line, Nicki Minaj.

Jessie j vampira
                                               Tell me you don’t see it…

From Grande’s uncomfortable mating dance to the Wham sample, the video is as sad as Minaj’s staged wardrobe malfunction at the VMAs. (Not to mention all the attendees knowing they’re going to win/lose ahead of time.) 

Reminds me of the Amazonian women episode of Futurama where the men are excited to be sentenced to death by “Snu-Snu” (sex by crushed pelvis) because they’re horny and don’t know any better.

I have a choice of two remedies for this gimmicky bullshit… Gifs of Laverne Cox dancing or the Jennifer Johansson photoshop morph.

What do you think?

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