This R&B Cover of ‘Do You Want To Build a Snowman’ is Absolutely Spectacular

STOP contemplating spending your bad day watching videos of dancing lambs and monkeys bothering cats and listen to the folky/R&B version of “Do You Want to Build a Snowman” in all its glorious smile-inducing cuteness.

Yes, The Voice Australia semi-finalist Fatai just released her full rendition of the song everyone – even people who miraculously haven’t seem Frozen – are singing regardless of it being summer and there not being access to snow in most parts of the country.

Beyonce is surely jealous of all this note-stretching soulfulness, wondering why she didn’t come up with this for the sing-Blue-Ivy-to-sleep mixtape. 

I have a story about Frozen. Last month, when my long-distance girlfriend visited from North Carolina I suggested she watch it for the first time, mostly because I knew “Let It Go” would get stuck in her head and that she’d sing it to me at random intervals while I was buttering toast or attempting to administer the proper high dose of sugar into her instant coffee.

She seemed to enjoy it, and the next night when she asked to watch it again I thought nothing of it…

Fast forward to now, I’ve seen Frozen at least 15 times and I can lip-sync everything, including the troll song, with perfect accuracy and I still don’t regret making her watch this movie because 1. It’s amazing and 2. Censored Frozen videos and 3. More censored Frozen videos.

P.S. Fatai, who calls Frozen “the best Disney movie ever” and totally reminds me of India Arie, is signed to Universal and can be followed on Facebook HERE.

She’s also done covers of “Crazy In Love,” “California King Bed” and “Royals.”


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