Turns Out, Uneducated Pervs DIDN’T Try to Ruin Emma Watson’s Awesome Speech On Feminism

You may have heard about Emma Watson’s extremely insightful and empowering speech to the U.N., which was about equality and feminism being one and the same.

You ALSO may have heard that a bunch of trolls threatened to leak naked pictures of Watson to somehow make her seem like less of a feminist.

The people behind the countdown to Watson’s nude leak were actually a marketing group hired to shut down 4Chan and end the constant invasion of privacy from the hackers behind the Jennifer Lawrence scandal. 

A link to Emma’s supposed nudes lead us to a #SHUTDOWN4CHAN petition.

However, a bunch of idiots who thought the countdown was real DID post some disturbing comments, such as “If only her nudes got leaked and she had the load on her face. Her feminism kick would be over,” and “Feminism is a growing cancer.”
I had no idea that being a virgin was a requirement to believe that women deserve to have the same rights as men, but Jane Fonda and I don’t want to live in a world where you can’t be a feminist if you have a load on your face.

4 thoughts on “Turns Out, Uneducated Pervs DIDN’T Try to Ruin Emma Watson’s Awesome Speech On Feminism

  1. Equality is one thing, feminism is another. The anti-Western, anti-male, anti-children, anti-family, pro-lesbian, entitled little girl demanding somebody make her brothers let her play football too, kind of feminism is destructive and silly women don’t see it.


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