WATCH Mike Tyson Call a Reporter a ‘Piece of Sh*t’ on Live Television

I know this is old news, but Mike Tyson semi recently “saved” a guy who crashed his motorcycle in Vegas, and I wanted to remind everyone with this Canadian interview from earlier this month that while Mike Tyson is totally entertaining, he’s also a psychopath.

The lone face-tatted ranger reportedly pulled over to help a man who suffered multiple severe injuries such as broken bones and nerve damage until paramedics arrived. 

Because I KNOW that when I’m laying on the cement bleeding and broken the first thing I definitely want to see is a man who’s famous for non-consensual sex and ear biting.

Also contemplating the meaning of questionable athletes backing questionable politicians...

Rob Ford and Kim Jong-un: “Because Dennis Rodman and Mike Tyson would both be arrested for even trying to stand behind Hillary Clinton.”
P.S. is he done with the pigeons or is he still the crazy homeless woman from Home Alone 2?


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